AHSEC 12th Blueprint 2024, Assam HS Exam Pattern 2024, AHSEC 12th Marking Scheme 2024

www.ahsec.gov.in, HS Blueprint 2024, Assam Board which is also known as AHSEC conducts Class 12th Inter Arts Science, Commerce examinations continuously for the last several years. The main of the Assam Board is in Guwahati, which is conducted every year for the examination conducted by lakhs of candidates, regular and private students by registering themselves and appearing in the examination. The board also performs its task in a complete and timely manner like issue Blueprint Exam Pattern then publish the exam Pattern after completing the copy checking process.

AHSEC 12th Arts Blueprint 2024 ahsec.assam.gov.in

AHSECeduboard.Assam.gov.in Here to help the students, the Assam HS Blueprint 2024, Exam Pattern etc. have been shown in different categories so that the students of Assam board can download Assam 12 Blueprint 2024  without any experience. According to the revised syllabus of Assam Board, 12th Blueprint 2024  has been provided from the home site of AHSEC,

Now it is the student’s turn that how to download in pdf how to prepare according to Assam Board 12th Blueprint 2024  All these students have to decide whether to download AHSEC Board 12th Old Blueprint 2024 or AHSEC 12th New Blueprint 2024 Subject Wise File Download link has been fully activated. Any kind of help will be received through Assam Board 12th Blueprint 2024  Download link in PDF.

Important information about Assam Board 12th Blueprint 2024  is as follows,

Name of BoardBoard Of Secondary Education Assam Guwahati
Exam NameAHSEC 12th Exam
Assam board Marking SchemeDecember will come in January
AHSEC 10th Blueprint 2024Available
article categoryAHSEC 12th Blueprint 2024
Assam Board 12th Exam PatternThe exam is likely to come after a gap of 2 months,
Official Websitewww.ahsec.assam.gov.in

AHSEC HS Exam Pattern 2024

Sl. no.TopicVSASALATotal
1a) Relations & Functions1(1)4(1) 10(4)
 b) Inverse Trigonometric Functions1(1)4(1)  
2a) Matrices1(1) 6(1)13(5)
 b) Determinants2(2)4(1)  
3a) Continuity & Differentiability1(1)8(2) 44(11)
 b)Applications of Derivatives1(1) 6(1) 
 c)Integration 8(2)6(1) 
 d)Application of Integrals  6(1) 
 e)Differential Equations  6(1) 
4a)Vectors1(1)4(1) 17(6)
 b)3-Dimensional Geometry2(2)4(1)6(1) 
5Linear Programming  6(1)6(1)
6Probability 4(1)6(1)10(2)

AHSEC HS Blueprint 2024


Sl. no.TopicVSASA-ISA-IILATotal
1Electrostatics 2(1)6(2) 8(3)
2Current Electricity 4(2)3(1) 7(3)
3Magnetic effect of current & induction1(1)2(1) 5(1)8(3)
4Electromagnetic Induction & Alternating Current2(2) 6(2) 8(4)
5Electromagnetic Waves1(1)2(1)  3(2)
7Dual Nature of Matter 4(2)  4(2)
8Atom and Nuclei1(1)2(1)3(1) 6(3)
9Electronic Devices2(2)  5(1)7(3)
10Communication System 2(1)3(1) 5(2)


Sl. no.TopicVSASA-ISA-IILATotal
1Solid State 4(2)  4(2)
2Solutions 2(1)3(1) 5(2)
3Electrochemistry 2(1)3(1) 5(2)
4Chemical Kinetics   5(1)5(1)
5Surface Chemistry1(1)   4(2)
6General Principal & Processes of Isolation of Elements    3(1)
7p-Block elements  3(1)5(1)8(2)
8d & f block elements 2(1)3(1) 5(2)
9Co-ordination Compounds1(1)2(1)  3(2)
10Haloalkanes and Haloarenes    4(2)
11Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers1(1) 3(1) 4(2)
12Aldehydes, Ketons & Carboxylic Acids1(1)  5(1)6(2)
13Organic Compound containing Nitrogen1(1) 3(1) 4(2)
14Biomolecues1(1) 3(1) 4(2)
15Polymers1(1)2(1)  3(2)
16Chemistry in everyday life1(1)2(1)  3(2)

AHSEC HS/12th Inductory Macroeconomics Syllabus 

Unit Title MarksPeriods
Unit 1National income and Related Aggregates1024
Unit 2Determination of Income and Employment1225
Unit 3Government Budget anf Economy0612
Unit 4Forms of Market & Price Determination0612
Unit 5Balance payment.0612

AHSEC HS/12th Indian Economic Development Sylla

Unit  Title Marks Periods
Unit 6Development Policies and Experience (1947-90)0713
Unit 7Economic Reforms since 199105 10 
Unit 8Current Challenges facing Indian Economy 22 55 
Unit 9Development Experience of India: A Comparison with Neighbours0607