UP 12th Blueprint 2024 UP Intermediate Exam Pattern 2024 UPMSP 12th Marking Scheme 2024

UP Board 12th Blueprint 2024 Uttar Pradesh Board 12th Blueprint 2024 UP Board 12th Marking Scheme 2024 (UPMSP) The Uttar Pradesh Madhyamik Shiksha Parishad Students who are looking for Uttar Pradesh UPMSP 12th Blueprint 2024 & Exam Pattern  thought to download UP 12th Blueprint 2024 & Sub Board 12th Exam Pattern  So soon you will get the official link from here. The sub board is going to organize the 12th class from February to March,

So just a few months before the exam or in January, the Uttar Pradesh Board of Secondary Education has announced the Marking Scheme for the 12th class annual exam UPMSP 12th Blueprint 2024 The receiving students will have to study the entire article carefully, only then they will be able to understand completely that when and from where can download The Uttar Pradesh Madhyamik Shiksha Parishad’s UP Board 12th Blueprint 2024 in a pdf file.

UP Board 12th Marking Scheme :

UP Board will conduct the exam on time like every year, for this the annual calendar has been prepared, on the basis of the prepared calendar, the UP 12th Blueprint 2024 will come in pdf before the exam but till when it will be announced, it has not been officially confirmed. There is no scheduled date, it is only likely that the UP Board 12th Blueprint 2024  

Will announce the UP Board 12th Exam Pattern  and the scheduled Marking Scheme through the board notification which has not come yet but it is expected that the up Short time left to come Board Exam Blueprint UP Board 12th Blueprint 2024  Class 12th. So you need to prepare from now on. According to the information just received, the UP Board 12th Marking Scheme upmsp.edu.in Blueprint 2024  has been released for Class 12th, students participating in the UP Board 12th examination hurry up download link is given below.

UP Board Class 12 Exam Pattern Subject-wise

UP Board 12th English Blueprint 2024
Section-A (50 Marks)
1.Explanation with reference to the context
(One passage from Prose and one stanza from poetry)
16 Marks
2.One short answer type question from prose
(not to exceed 30 words)
4 Marks
3.Vocabulary (based on Prose text)4 Marks
4.Central Idea of any one poem6 Marks
5.One long answer type question from
The Merchant of Venice (Not to exceed 75 words)
8 Marks
6.wo short answer type questions from
Short Stories (Not to exceed 30 words)
8 Marks
7.Figures of Speech. Define any one of the
following figures of speech with examples
(Simile, Metaphor, Personification,
A apostrophe, Oxymoron,
Onomatopoeia, Hyperbole)
4 Marks
Section-B (50 Marks)
Sr. NoUnitSectionsMarks
1.GrammarDirect and Indirect Narration2 Marks
2.Synthesis2 Marks
3.Transformation2 Marks
4.Syntax (Correction of sentences)2 Marks
5.VocabularySynonyms3 Marks
6.Antonyms3 Marks
7.Homophones3 Marks
8.One-word substitution3 Marks
9.Idioms and phrases3 Marks
10.Translation: Hindi to English10 Marks
11.Essay Writing12 Marks
12.Unseen Passage6 Marks
UP Board 12th Biology Blueprint 2022
Sr. No.SectionsMarks
1.Genitalia14 Marks
2.Genetics and development18 Marks
3.Biology & Human Welfare14 Marks
4.Biotechnology and its applications10 Marks
5.Ecological and environmental14 Marks
Total70 Marks
UP Board 12th Economics Blueprint 2022
Sr. No.UnitSectionsMarks
1.Unit-1Exchange15 Marks
2.Unit-2Distribution15 Marks
3.Unit-3Revenue10 Marks
4.Unit-4National Income10 Marks
5.Unit-510 Marks
6.Unit-605 Marks
7.Unit-710 Marks
8.Unit-805 Marks
9.Unit-910 Marks
10.Unit-10Statistics10 Marks
Total100 Marks
UP Board 12th Business Organization and 
correspondence Blueprint 2022
Sr. No.UnitSectionsMarks
1.Unit-1Preparation of domestic trade, invoices and
sales details (in Hindi or English)
15 Marks
2.Unit-2Foreign Trade Invoice & Import Export Trade15 Marks
3.Unit-3Business management, area and importance.
The main systems of management, the functioning
of the business office, the office of the manager
20 Marks
4.Unit-4Business Letters10 Marks
5.Unit-5Gazette10 Marks
6.Unit-6Papers for appointment, newspapers and
news releases in newspapers
10 Marks
7.Unit-7Capital market means organization,
problems and control. Capital Market Terminology
20 Marks
Total100 Marks
UP Board 12th Biology Blueprint 2022
Sr. No.SectionsMarks
1.Optics13 Marks
2.Matter and duality nature04 Marks
3.Atomic and nucleus06 Marks
4.Electronic tips08 Marks
5.Communication system04 Marks
Total35 Marks
UP Board 12th Chemistry Science Blueprint 2022
Sr. No.SectionsMarks
1.Solid State03 Marks
2.Merger05 Marks
3.Valid Chemistry05 Marks
4.Chemical Convolution05 Marks
5.Page Chemistry04 Marks
6.Principles And Procedure For Extraction Of Elements04 Marks
7.Elements Of P-Block07 Marks
8.D. And Elements Of F – Block03 Marks
9.Sub-Connecting Compound04 Marks
10.Hello Alken And Haloirin04 Marks
11.Alcohol, Final And Ether05 Marks
12.Aliddide Ketone, Carboxylic Acid05 Marks
13.Nitrogenous Organic Compounds04 Marks
14.Bio-Atom06 Marks
15.Polymer03 Marks
16.Chemicals In Daily Life03 Marks
Total70 Marks
UP Board 12th Mathematics Blueprint 2022
Sr. No.SectionsMarks
1.Relation and function10 Marks
2.Algebra13 Marks
3.Function44 Marks
4.Vector and three dimensional geometry17 Marks
5.Linear programming06 Marks
6.Probability10 Marks
Total100 Marks
UP Board 12th Physical Science Blueprint 2022
Sr. No.SectionsMarks
1.Static electricity08 Marks
2.Current electricity07 Marks
3.Magnetic effect and magnetism of the stream08 Marks
4.Electromagnetic induction and current stream08 Marks
5.Electromagnetic waves04 Marks
Total35 Marks